This is Parrot Island near Baratang. During Sunset witnessing thousands of Parrot returning to this Island (a natural habitat) is really a breathtaking experience! Don't miss to add it in your Andaman Itinerary!

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The Andaman and Nicobar Islands far from Mainland India are also known as the Emerald Isles and are one of the most spectacular, untouched and secure tourism hotspots in the world. History, beaches, mangrove safaris, Limestone caves, Mud volcanoes, evergreen forests wildlife, birds, water sports are just some of the magic that these Islands have to offer.

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During the past few years the Andaman and Nicobar Islands have become a paradise for domestic and international tourists because of the natural wonders, huge coastal area, beautiful beaches, tropical rain forests and unexplored marine life. Simple, peace loving people and the total absence of communal & political have turned these dots(Islands) into a global eco-tourism hot spot. In these islands people of all faiths – Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs etc., and of all languages like Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Nicobarese etc., live together in complete peace and harmony. Inter-religion and inter-regional marriages are common. The amazing racial and cultural mix is correctly described as Mini India.


Come and visit the Andaman & Nicobar Islands to explore an oasis of fun & frolic! We love these Islands and would love to share it with u. 

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Andaman Vacations Family Tours

We recommend these andaman holidays tour packages for families.
They are judiciously designed for the convenience of our esteemed guests.

3N/4D - 'Idyllic Andaman Vacations'

2 Nights at Port Blair + 1 Night at Baratang

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4N/5D - 'Adventure Andaman Vacations'

2 Nights at Por t Blair + 1 Night at Havelock + 1 Night at Baratang

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7N/8D - 'Unique Andaman Vacations'

3 Nights at Port Blair + 2 Nights at Baratang + 1 Nights at Diglipur + 1 Nights at Havelock

2N/3D - 'Weekend Andaman Vacations'

2 Nights at Baratang

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1N/2D - 'Extend Andaman Vacations'

 1 Night at Baratang

Andaman Vacations Honeymoon Packages

These are few andaman tour packages which we recommend for Andaman Honeymoon trip
In case you prefer to stay in any particular Island in the Andaman for more number of nights, we will 
be happy to assist you in customizing these packages as per your requirement.

3N/4D - 'Intimate Andaman Vacations'

3 Nights in Baratang: This is an exclusive tour specially designed for Honeymooners.

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5N/6D - 'Explore Andaman Vacations'

1 Night at Port Blair + 2 Nights at Havelock + 2 Nights at Baratang

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6N/7D - 'Wonderful Andaman Vacations'

2 Nights at Port Blair + 2 Nights at Havelock + 2 Nights at Baratang

8N/9D - 'Dream Andaman Vacations'

2 Nights at Port Blair + 2 Nights at Havelock + 2 Nights at Baratang + 2 Nights at Diglipur

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9N/10D - 'Exotic Andaman Vacations'

4 Nights at Port Blair + 2 Nights at Havelock + 3 Nights at Baratang

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